Online Ukulele Resources

The internet is awash with useful resources for ukulele players and google is your friend when looking for things. Try searching for your “(name of your favourite song) ukulele” and chances are someone has already worked out the chords for it.

General Interest




Song Tutorials

  • Here Comes the Sun – Cynthia Lin – Performance – Tutorial (need to log on with Google account to see tutorial)

Tips for Beginners

  • Get a clip-on tuner and learn how to tune your ukulele. Inexpensive ukuleles tend to go out of tune easily and you won’t sound good. A clip-on tuner makes it simple and quick to keep in tune; they cost less than $20 and can be found at most music shops (or even JB HiFi).
  • If you find it difficult to keep the ukulele in position, consider a neck strap. A strap will take the weight of the uke and allow you to more easily change chords.